EdgeVis Video Router: Low-Bandwidth Streaming over Cellular

Revolutionizing how video is delivered over wireless and fixed. The best router for streaming multiple devices wirelessly.

EdgeVis Video Router

Secure end-to-end encryption


16 streams inbound and out


Increased visibility

Intelligent insight

Seamless integration


Live consultations


Stay Cyber Safe

The world's lowest bandwidth technology will save you time and money.

Until now, pulling high quality video securely from your cameras into your existing VMS has been a challenge. Cameras are spread out across populated areas or isolated locations, and networks are becoming prohibitively congested.

Now, the EdgeVis Video Router revolutionizes how we access live streams.

Our advanced plug-and-play device bridges the gap and connects you and your VMS to your most important assets without constraint.

Our router supports multiple devices and video channels. Connect with your existing cameras seamlessly, or use with EdgeVis MiniCam and BodyWorn. Deliver video at faster speeds for affordable prices.

EdgeVis Video Router

We have partnered with Intel to pack our proprietary bandwidth reducing codec, end-to-end encryption for cyber security, edge storage and advanced analytics for a game changing appliance designed to save you time and money.

Lower the bandwidth without the hassle. True plug-and-play. Because it’s middleware, no specialized IT skills are required, and the device fits seamlessly into your existing architecture without the need to rip and replace your infrastructure.

Each router can support multiple video channels, lowering your data transmission costs by as much as 50-90%.

EdgeVis Video Router

Finally, affordable video streaming over cellular at scale.

Save the money without sacrificing reliability

Internet speeds are no longer a barrier to high-quality video streaming. EdgeVis Video Router allows you to stream reliable and predictable video over wireless, while maintaining continuous live video. With support for mobile, wireless and fixed endpoints you can reliably stream across 3G, 4G, 5G, MPNs and MEC, as well as fixed and fiber networks.

Stream into any VMS

With native integrations into leading VMS’s such as Milestone, Genetec as well as a unique gateway into ONVIF systems, the EdgeVis Video Router gives you the flexibility to manage your video streams the way you want. Streaming into third party analytics engines has never been easier.

Eliminate cyber security risks

Safely firewall your systems against cyber security vulnerabilities, data mining and other threats. Our end-to-end encrypted solution provides a valuable stopgap to restricted camera manufacturers, letting you replace legacy hardware on your terms.