Video Streaming and Surveillance Solutions for Law Enforcement and Police

Real-time intelligence, evidence, and analytics you can rely on

Video evidence is useful but live video from the scene is transformational.

For frontline policing a live video stream gives teams an immediate understanding of what's happening. Create the situational awareness needed to take better decisions in the moment.

For more than ten years Digital Barriers has delivered live, cellular video streaming solutions to federal and local law enforcement agencies. EdgeVis, our patented ultra-low bandwidth software is the only technology proven to consistently deliver high-quality video streaming, whether in congested cities or remote poorly connected locations. That means our equipment won’t let you down in the very moments you’re relying on it the most.

Improved Real-Time Resource Allocation

Coordinate a better response with real-time access to the video, audio and GPS coordinates from every officer in the vicinity.

Real time camera streams improve response time

Unparalleled Intelligence & In-Depth Analytics

Revolutionize your tactical capabilities and consult remote experts, with a greater understanding of exactly what is unfolding on the scene.

With video content analytics and recordings to review, you can unlock all the data you need to make the most informed decisions under pressure.

Greater Efficiency & Lower Costs

Respond faster while significantly reducing the bandwidth and data costs associated with video surveillance operations.

Our technology enables ultra-low bandwidth streaming over cellular: your police force can equip themselves with live streaming bodycams and rely on them to work anywhere, without racking up data bills.


Bandwidth at which Digital Barriers can guarantee live video and audio over cellular.

Source: Real-world testing


Reduction in complaints against police when equipped with bodycams.

Source: University of Cambridge Study

up to 90%

Bandwidth savings possible with EdgeVis.

Source: Real-world testing

Law Enforcement

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