EdgeVis BodyWorn: Wearable Cellular Video Technology

Get a step ahead with mobile, wearable video technology.


End-to-end encryption

multi network-navy

Easily scalable


Live consultations


Access recordings remotely

Cost savings

Reduce costs


Capture and enhance stills and video

Real-time video, so you see what they see.

Wearable devices can be cumbersome and impractical, with poor quality video and the inability to access that data on the go. That all changes with the EdgeVis Bodyworn Camera. One device, delivering super-resilient real-time video streaming over wifi and cellular.

Our solution is ideal for policing and law enforcement agencies, private security, public service workers, field-based employees, or anyone who requires a robust and reliable bodyworn camera for supervision and safety. Record high-quality videos and stills, even in poor network conditions: perfect for collecting digital evidence from physical locations.

EdgeVis BodyWorn

The EdgeVis Bodyworn Camera distributes continuous live video, audio and GPS location data without delay or a loss in quality. This impressive streaming capability means that live operations or incidents can be monitored from a remote location or headquarters, improving operational insight and on-the-ground safety.

With EdgeVis, bodyworn cameras have direct access to evidencemanagement software and advanced analytics. These impressive tools enable a whole host of functional and critical features that can be crucial in compromising situations.

EdgeVis BodyWorn Camera

Compact in size, mighty in power.

Safeguard your employees

Employee safety should be guaranteed in organizations of any kind. This duty of care can be put into practice with live streaming bodyworn cameras.

Using the alert feature, frontline staff can signal for immediate assistance helping to minimise individuals at risk and provide valuable peace of mind.

Gather valuable intelligence

HD video vastly improves the quality of the live streams, allowing captured footage to be scrutinized in detail. Stills can easily be shared without interrupting live feeds, and multiple bodyworn feeds can be compiled into a single view.

Review, respond, react

Our bodyworn camera is ideal for first responders who need to relay key details back to mission control, or for on-site engineers and technicians to send footage back to decision makers at head office.

24/7 video from anyone, anywhere, any time.