Manufacturing + Logistics.

Real-time cost optimized video over cellular for Industry 4.0

Manufacturing operations are complex, with any bottlenecks quickly impacting productivity.

That’s why our EdgeVis and CloudVis solutions use the power of real-time video and analytics to improve safety, maintain quality and drive operational efficiency.

We deliver reliable, secure and cost optimized video over cellular to maximise Industry 4.0 investments.

Unlock the potential of edge computing in dynamic environments that rely on the free movement of
people, things and data.

Gain live visibility and management insight across all aspects of production, warehousing, transport, and logistics. And extend remote viewing capabilities to hard-to-reach areas – from anywhere, on any device.

Greater Efficiency & Intelligence

Connect all your sensors and respond faster. All while significantly reducing the bandwidth and data costs associated Industry 4.0 analysis and operations.

Streamlined Safety & Compliance

Better protect people, equipment, inventory and materials inside and outside the facility. View real-time video and alerts from fixed, mobile and body-worn devices, all in one place.

Quality Assurance and Expertise on Demand

Introduce remote maintenance capabilities to share expertise across sites, proactively troubleshoot issues and rapidly get production back on track.


Max daily OSHA penalty for manufacturing safety violations

Source: OSHA


Estimated annual cost of unplanned downtime

Source: Industry Week

up to 90%

Bandwidth & data savings possible with EdgeVis

Source: Real-world testing

Manufacturing + Logistics

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