Construction Site Real-Time Surveillance System

Protect and surveil remote sites from every angle.


Do you have eyes on your assets? Can you react quickly enough to respond to an incident? Are you controlling the cost of video security deployments?

We enhance the safety and security of remote construction sites by unlocking the potential of cost-effective real-time video and analytics over cellular. Drive efficiencies & gain the flexibly to place surveillance cameras wherever they’re needed for as long as they’re needed, with none of the costs associated with deploying new wired infrastructure.

Streamlined Construction Security Solution

Enable flexible and affordable live or event-based video streaming. High-quality surveillance on construction sites – reaching even the most remote locations – better protects people, equipment, materials and fuel stores.

Any device, any connectivity, in any location.

Enhanced Worker Safety & Compliance

Connect workers and security guards to the site manager and beyond in real-time. Proactively meet duty of care requirements, minimise delays and enable remote inspection with live streaming bodycams.

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Greater Efficiency & Lower Costs

Respond faster while significantly reducing the bandwidth and data costs associated with new and existing video systems.

Our cameras come ready to stream, allowing for rapid deployment in the places you need them most. With the EdgeVis Video Router, all your video sources can be delivered at low bandwidth to your VMS.

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Value of construction equipment stolen worldwide per year

Source: National Equipment Register


Number of preventable injuries in US construction, 2021

Source: NSC


Up to 90% bandwidth savings possible with EdgeVis

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