Real-time Video Surveillance Solution for Transportation

Protect people, fleets & infrastructure with cutting-edge transit video surveillance

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Ensuring the free flow of people and goods means keeping track of thousands of people, vehicles, and assets in real-time.

It means pre-empting, identifying, and resolving numerous daily challenges associated with safety, maintenance, and the delivery of consistent operations.

We empower transport leaders with real-time visibility across their operations. Our video surveillance solution unlocks the power of low-bandwidth streaming over cellular across the entire transportation network. Identity inefficiencies and mitigate risk with live video in the station, at the depot, or on the move, avoiding blind spots and costly investments in wired infrastructure.

Maximum Fleet Visibility

Enable flexible and affordable live video streaming on static and mobile infrastructure to better protect people, fleets, equipment and fuel stores.

Meet the EdgeVis Video Router, that can effortlessly connect all your streams to your video management system over cellular and at low cost.

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Enhanced Worker Safety & Compliance

Ensure the safety of your staff and proactively meet duty of care requirements, minimise delays and gain objective records of incidents with live streaming bodycams.

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Greater Efficiency & Lower Costs

Respond faster to incidents while significantly reducing the bandwidth and data costs associated with new and existing video systems.

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Average number of injuries that occur in bus crashes in the US each year

Source: Paulson Coletti


Of US transit workers fear being assaulted on the job

Source: Amalgamated Transit Union

up to 90%

Bandwidth savings possible with EdgeVis

Source: Real-world testing


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