EdgeVis MiniCam

Lightweight, compact, easy to install. The MiniCam with maximum versatility.

Live video and audio over wireless

IP66 rating

Reduce costs

End-to-end encrypted

360-degree camera with optical zoom

Unlimited camera and users

Low maintenance meets high performance.

Traditional CCTV cameras can pose several challenges during their physical setup, from excessive cabling to complex installations. What if we told you there’s a one-piece, lightweight and compact camera – ideal as a temporary or semi-permanent security solutions?

No need to look any further with the MiniCam, a redeployable unit that houses a state-of-the-art HD camera and our proprietary bandwidth reducing codec.

Designed to get you streaming securely over cellular and fixed networks, our product reduces data usage and bandwidth requirements by between 50% and 90%, helping you achieve significant cost savings. And with end-to-end encryption for cyber security, edge storage, advanced analytics and an IP66 rating, you can rest assured that your investment is protected from tampering and the elements too.

EdgeVis MiniCam

With the MiniCam, you can reliably live stream video across 3G, 4G, 5G, MPNs and MEC. The devices even work over LANs, WANs and fiber, resolving issues where fixed networks are overloaded by live video streaming.

Working seamlessly with leading video management software providers, including native integration with Milestone and Genetec, and direct connectivity with any ONVIF VMS or analytics platform, the MiniCam delivers maximum performance and versatility.

A reliable camera in any event.

A cost-effective setup

With MiniCam, there’s no need to install new street furniture or complicated hardware. Unlike other solutions, there’s also no need to dig up the street too. Everything you need is inside the enclosure, which uses universal mountings to attach to its new home.

Our bandwidth-friendly technology ensures you can reliably stream over wireless connectivity, saving thousands per camera. Simply install, power-up and you can be up and running in minutes.

Monitor events, facilities or incidents

Thanks to the mobility and disruption-free installation of MiniCam, the camera can be rapidly deployed to almost anywhere, from large-scale sporting and cultural events to high security buildings, vulnerable sites or critical response scenarios.

PTZ so you don’t miss a thing

The MiniCam is a 360-degree PTZ camera with an incredible 12x optical zoom. And with 1080p resolution, you won’t miss a detail. MiniCam is your robust and reliable eye in the sky.