Real-Time Video Streaming for Defence & Border Protection

Tried & tested real-time intelligence. Stream high-quality low-bandwidth video on rapidly deployable devices.

We have spent over a decade providing the defence sector with unique cloud and edge-based video security, analytics and intelligence solutions.

Our NPSA certified technology guarantees secure, high-quality live video at ultra-low bandwidth and has been used by US, UK and European military to protect troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. It has been deployed across NATO and has even helped to secure Presidential Inaugurations, Olympic Games and Royal Events.

We know real-time situational awareness is critical. That’s why our patented AI-based video streaming, compression and analytics solutions are already proven in the very environments where you'll need them most. Whether for intelligence, surveillance or reconnaissance, in the field or at the border, the control room sees what troops on the ground see. All our products are in service and have a Nato Stock Number (NSN) meaning that they have been recognised by all member states of NATO.

Force Protection System

Keep troops safe and obtain day and night ISR capability with soldier portable, rapidly deployable unattended ground sensors. Set devices up wherever you need them most for border surveillance and security monitoring.

Personnel Protection Surveillance System

Enhance situation awareness with reliable, usable and secure live video from people and vehicles in the field. Make critical decisions in real-time, supported by insights from our live video analytics platform.

Long Range Trigger & Cue System

Transform tactical capabilities with easy to deploy remote detection and classification that requires minimal power and communications infrastructure.


Bandwidth at which Digital Barriers can guarantee live video and audio over cellular.

Source: Real-world testing


Number of streams delivered over cellular network vs standard video technologies.

Source: Real-world testing

up to 90%

Bandwidth and cost savings possible with EdgeVis.

Source: Real-world testing

Defence + Boarder Protection

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