Get intelligent with the VSaaS platform of the future.

Plug and play with new and existing cameras

Live view from anywhere

Real-time alerts

24/7 secure recording and smart search

Advanced analytics

Control cameras in real-time

One platform for all your fixed and cellular streaming needs.

Bandwidth-friendly technology ensures you will not suffer from buffering or latency issues when streaming over cellular connections, meaning no important footage will ever be missed. Our cloud-based infrastructure ensures you only pay for what you use, meaning a lower cost of ownership as well as no surprise data charges.

CloudVis is camera agnostic too, which means you can connect any device, new or old, making it an essential part of networks where security, insight and scalability are paramount. And because CloudVis is scalable on demand, you can be reassured that it will grow with your organization.


The concept of CloudVis is simple: the only true VSaaS solution optimized for cellular networks.

CloudVis is web-based, and combines live video on demand with secure storage and powerful analytics. Whether you’re plugging in to outdoor cameras or bodyworn devices, our cloud platform has you and your entire cellular and fixed network covered and connected without the worry about spiralling data costs or frustrating buffering.


Cutting edge analytics
Easily recognize threats to people and places.

You don’t need to be a tech whiz. Setup is simple.

Features & Benefits

Trusted. Tested. Proven. 

CloudVis utilizes cutting-edge advanced analytics, making any camera in your network smart, even legacy devices. This means you can access a range of feature-rich functionality without the need for costly hardware upgrades.

Whatever the quality of your network or the location of your cameras, CloudVis delivers high-quality video with unique low-bandwidth technology. Stream video and audio over low-speed connections, whether cellular or fixed.

  • Complete end-to-end encryption to the highest standard
  • A simple to use interface allowing you to find and share footage securely
  • Cutting-edge analytics with rich alerting features
  • Multi-streaming capability: stream multiple feeds from the same device without impacting quality
  • All firmware and software patches are updated automatically removing the need of having to replace outdated hardware
  • It’s bandwidth friendly, whether you’re streaming over a fixed or cellular connection
  • Suitable for every type of business, from education to enterprise
  • Available through a trusted partner network such as Vodafone and AT&T

Integration & Compatibility

Seamless and secure.

The CloudVis platform is designed with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your video and analytics data is protected throughout your organization.

Firmware updates ensure you’re protected against threats, and they’re automatic too, so no troublesome maintenance.

  • Intuitive plug-and-play – no need for complex configuration
  • Supports your existing video hardware including legacy devices
  • Connect to multiple end points including fixed and deployable CCTV cameras, mobile CCTV cameras and Body Worn cameras
  • Easy setup: just scan the QR code and you’re good to go
  • CloudVis devices only connect to the cloud and do not need special firewall rules or VPN connections for remote viewing
  • No need for expensive DVR/NVRs and on-premise server racks
  • Pay for what you use: You can keep your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) significantly lower through our simple monthly payment plans