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Live video streaming over cellular is finally here.

Introducing IoVT

For over 10 years we’ve delivered live cellular video solutions for global government organizations. Our unique patented video compression requires 50-90% less bandwidth than any other cellular video streaming, is end-to end encrypted and delivers real time edge analytics.

Our technology is now available for you across our EdgeVis and CloudVis platforms.

What is EdgeVis?

EdgeVis Video Router optimizes your existing cameras, VMS and analytics to significantly cut costs and improve performance.

Our platform enables reductions of 50-90% of the data streamed over fixed and cellular networks. This saves significant costs and negates the need for costly upgrades.

You can view live streams and recordings from any site, on any device, wherever you are. Our analytics enable you to reduce onsite security manpower and replace costly DVRs and NVRs.

The EdgeVis platform negates the need for costly upgrades by resolving video related fixed network congestions.

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EdgeVis Video Router

What is CloudVis?

CloudVis has all the benefits of EdgeVis while moving existing and new cameras to a secure VSaaS platform with advanced analytics.

This enables live streaming from all cameras – indoor, outdoor, remote and bodyworn –  to be accessible anywhere, on any device, all in one place – across fixed and wireless networks.

A dashboard using advanced edge and cloud analytics provides you with the safety, security and operational intelligence you need, whenever you need it.

Our end to end encryption is standard, protecting your privacy and data.

The EdgeVis platform negates the need for costly upgrades by resolving video related fixed network congestions.

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What makes us unique?


Patented TVI technology

Delivering up to 90% data savings without visible loss in a low latency environment


Edge compression + analytics

Enabling Edge advanced analytics to reduce time from insights to actions


Secure by design

Proven technology with embedded security used by federal agencies in US, UK and RoW


Simplified zero touch ops

Significantly reduce operational costs from deployment, monitoring and life cycle management


Build on legacy investments

Leverages existing IT investments (camera, VMS) to accelerate the new ROI


Ultra low latency PTZ capabilities

Ultra low latency PTZ capabilities for additional monitoring and insights.