Real-time Security Intelligence for Retail

A retail surveillance and video analytics system that extends beyond the store.

Running a successful retail operation means keeping track of countless moving parts.

It means prioritizing the safety of customers, employees and assets. And it requires an understanding of how to improve your business through a real-time understanding of exactly how your stores are being used.

We provide you with access to live video and analytics, accessible from anywhere, all through a single platform. Furthermore, unlike our competitors, the visibility we give you extends well beyond your buildings’ four walls.

Our ultra-low bandwidth live streaming solutions guarantee live video over fixed and cellular networks. So whether you’re monitoring the retail floor for theft prevention, investigating stock loss in the warehouse or supporting a delivery driver on the road, you’ll always be kept in the loop.

Protect frontline workers

Proactively support customer-facing employees and security staff with live-streaming bodycams that ensure they can  call for support at a moment’s notice. De-escalate conflicts, learn from past incidents and access an objective view of the incident as it unfolds.

Access objective accounts in real-time

Gain a 360 degree view of your whole retail operation, with visibility of goods in-store, in transit and in the warehouse.

With real-time video, you can manage live incidents to better protect employees and customers alike. Access recorded CCTV footage when investigating previous events too, to ensure you can create the best experience for your staff and customers.

Monitor and protect your goods with real-time video

Upgrade your business intelligence with data-driven insights

Use out of the box analytics to improve the customer experience, optimise staffing levels and evaluate promotional activities.


Total amount of losses due to shrink, primarily driven by external theft in US Retail in 2021

Source: National Retail Federation, 2022


Of US retail workers report an increase of violence towards staff in the previous five years

Source: National Retail Federation, 2022


Up to 90% bandwidth savings 
possible with Digital Barriers' technologies

Real-world testing


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