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5 benefits of modernising event security with real-time CCTV software

June 6, 2024 — Insight

As summer approaches in the northern hemisphere, the public is set to enjoy a range of popular events — including the EUFA European Football Championship, Glastonbury Festival, Formula 1 British Grand Prix, London Pride and Wimbledon in the UK alone. 

Though these spectacles may be exciting, they come with a complex set of logistical obstacles to overcome — not least of which is event security 

A recent study of 2,000 Brits found that 30% of male respondents felt concerned for their safety when attending sporting events, and 37% of female respondents felt uneasy when attending concerts and music festivals. 

With this in mind, ensuring around-the-clock visibility of venues and surrounding areas has never been more critical. This visibility is facilitated mainly by CCTV networks that help security teams and law enforcers maintain consistent oversight of crowds, vehicles and assets. 

So, organisers must invest in the latest CCTV software to ensure their surveillance systems can keep up with the requirements of event security and ensure the safety of eventgoers, performers and staff. 

Making the most of modern CCTV software

New CCTV software is equipped with a suite of intelligent features that help take surveillance beyond simple video recording. 

For example, with high-definition or even 4K resolution capabilities, security personnel can access clearer and more accurate footage. Integrated AI-powered analytics can support behaviour recognition and identify unauthorised entries or suspicious behaviour. And with automated incident notifications and text or email alerts, organisers can take immediate action to prevent conflicts and streamline operations.  

These advanced features make anticipating and mitigating security threats easier, meaning event organisers can stay one step ahead of danger and minimise disruptions.  

Here’s how these new technological capabilities can contribute to practical, measurable benefits for event security teams… 

1. Real-time monitoring

‘Real-time video’ takes the capabilities of ‘live video’ to new heights, offering the capacity for instantaneous processing and analysis alongside ultra-low-latency video and audio streams.  

Emerging CCTV software can enable CCTV real-time monitoring to support immediate situational awareness and proactive threat detection. By harnessing real-time surveillance, security teams can maintain a consistent view of every weak spot at a venue and deliver swift emergency response. 

2. Improved crowd control

With a combination of high-definition PTZ cameras and modern CCTV software, event security staff can quickly assess crowd density and movement patterns during an event.  

AI-driven analytics can also help identify and predict potential bottlenecks — providing valuable insights to security teams and operations managers responsible for managing the flow of people, preventing overcrowding and ensuring efficient evacuations during an emergency. This capability is especially crucial for large-scale events, where seamless crowd management can be a matter of life or death.  

3. Remote monitoring

Cloud-based software solutions can support CCTV real-time monitoring from any location with reliable internet access. Operators need only log into the system to view multiple feels simultaneously, enabling them to respond to alerts and make more informed decisions relating to event security 

Remote monitoring can also be a helpful tool for improving resource allocation, which can, in turn, reduce operating costs for a higher return on investment.  

4. Cyber security and compliance

Authorities and organisers alike are growing increasingly concerned with data privacy — especially as geopolitical tensions create new cyber threats for public and private events. 

Fortunately, modern CCTV software can offer integrated cyber security features like encryption, access control, continuous software patching, anonymisation and enhanced network security for better data protection and compliance with privacy regulations. 

5. Network-aware video codecs

Network availability has always been a challenge when deploying CCTV for events, as high volumes of user traffic and large uplink video requirements can lead to patchy streams and high latency.   

Alternatively, network-optimised video codecs can support scalable video transmission across a camera system, enabling reliable CCTV real-time monitoring  

These codecs can adjust the video resolution and frame rate based on network conditions. What’s more, they can also significantly reduce bandwidth and data storage requirements to minimise operational costs and deliver smoother, uninterrupted video streams — no matter how remote or congested the location. 

Tried-and-tested video surveillance technology for events

Effective bandwidth utilisation. Automated security alerts. Enhanced situational awareness.  

Event organisers can gain all this and more with Digital Barriers’ patented AI-based video codec — created to help more businesses unlock the full potential of real-time video.  

Our EdgeVis portfolio is trusted by businesses and governments worldwide to deliver reliable, resilient surveillance that supports effective collaboration between frontline security personnel and control rooms. 

By delivering real-time video and analytics over cellular, we provide high-quality, low-bandwidth streams with end-to-end encryption — enabling event security teams to gain a centralised, unified view of the truth.   

Whether integrating with existing IP cameras or our own redeployable, 360-degree EdgeVis MiniCam units, our video intelligence and surveillance solutions can deliver real-time insights directly from venues and public spaces. 

Equipped with this intelligence, our customers can make more informed decisions and reduce their operating costs — helping them run events that make attendees feel safe and run more smoothly overall. 

Get the edge with our unique EdgeVis platform today — any device, any connectivity, anywhere. Contact hello@digitalbarriers.com for more information.