Unlocking the potential of real time video.

Empowering individuals, organizations and society.

Delivering next generation security and analytics solutions.

Enabling a global network of strategic partners to accelerate real-time, video-driven, business insights and outcomes.

We are a revolutionary IoVT technology provider. Our secure edge based VSaaS platform enables multi-access network optimization and edge to cloud video AI, at disruptive cost economics.

Any device, any connectivity, in any location.

Any device

Our platforms work with new and existing cameras to leverage your existing investments.

  • Plug-and-play with extensive ecosystem of camera and VMS
  • Open standard (ONVIF) and protocol (RTSP)
  • Our portfolio of EdgeVis Video Router, EdgeVis Bodyworn, EdgeVis Minicam and EdgeVis
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Any connectivity

Our patented technology reduces bandwidth costs.

  • Up to 90% cost saving on cellular network
  • Access agnostic – wireless, wireline and wifi
  • Enable bandwidth optimization for wireline traffic
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Any location

Cost optimization for video storage and AI analytics.

  • Support hybrid edge to cloud AI analytics
  • Provide industry specific business insights and outcomes
  • Flexible deployment model to optimize overall costs
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City + Municipality

Monitor key areas and make more informed decisions.

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Law enforcement

Protect the public with powerful analytics and wearable devices.

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Smart traffic

Bring analytics and monitoring to city-wide traffic networks.

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Understand your customers and safeguard your stock.

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Prioritize public safety and easily scale your network.

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Secure your sites and protect your workers, wherever they are.

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Bandwidth savings of up to: 90%