Unlocking the potential of real-time video over cellular.

Empowering individuals, organizations and society

Our Solutions

  • Provide Real Time Live Video Platform
  • EdgeVis Delivering live video in low bandwidth environment without the hassle
  • CloudVis Intelligent with the VSaaS platform for business insights and value
  • Enable cost efficient network optimization for live video delivery
  • Hybrid edge to cloud AI compression and analytics for new revenue streams
  • Strong roadmap with Telco and enterprise collaboration deliver business value

Our differentiation

  • TVI patented high performance technology – delivering live video over celular with near zero latency with 50-90% less bandwidth
  • Intel enabled Secure Edge platform with AI/ML based data analytics models
  • Access Agnostic cost optimized Edge to Cloud distributed deployment models Leveraging existing investment (plug n play & VMS)
  • Ultra Low Latency PTZ capabilities

Unlock even more potential

Vodafone Mobile Private Networks (MPN) delivers new possibilities for next-generation businesses – with Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) unlocking even more potential. The combined solution delivers secure connectivity and powerful computing in real-time from the edge of the network – in places that previously couldn’t be connected.

Digital Barriers IoVT technology can be deployed in combination with Vodafone 4G/5G MPN and MEC solution, enabling edge to cloud dynamic AI/ML video intelligence insights with predictable and optimized bandwidth utilization within enterprise private networks. New business outcomes such as intruder detection, perimeter security, people counting, queue management, parking management, wrong way detection, worker safety, K-12 safety, heat mapping and others across multiple industry verticals can be supported using Vodafone MPN/MEC solution with Digital Barriers.

Our Telco Partnership

Telco Optimized Video Intelligence Reduce Costs & Revenue Growth


  • Network Optimization – full control on network and bandwidth
  • Reduce bandwidth costs – increase adoption
  • Incremental revenue growth in enterprise and public sector


End to End Telco based VSaaS Net-New Revenue


  • Increased revenue growth
  • Increase value towards the enterprise customer (including reduced TCO)
  • Multi access strategy – Wifi/ Wireless/Wireline

Telco Connectivity Value Add Add-on Revenue


  • Deliver additional value for MPN, 5G/MEC, Network Edge and other connected solutions
  • Drive increased revenue through Edge AI analytics solutions
  • Strengthen portfolio through network optimization and insights

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