Real-time intelligence across congested networks

A tried and tested security and operations backbone, supporting performers, fans and audiences.

Live event security is itself a performance. Whole teams must collaborate and take the right decisions in real-time to manage crowds, keep attendees safe and contribute to a positive fan experience. Communication is key, with access to live video, audio and analytics crucial in co-ordinating the response.

Our live streaming solutions were originally developed for the specialist needs of defence and law enforcement. That’s why your stadia or venue can rely on them to deliver in the moments you’re relying on them the most.

We supply the tried and tested backbone that supports security and operations when thousands of fans are in attendance.

Collaboration in real-time

Co-ordinate a better response by giving the control room reliable access to real-time video and audio from those on the front-line.

One view of the truth

Access live video & analytics from fixed, mobile and body-worn cameras together in one place.

Greater efficiency and lower costs

Slash your bandwidth and data costs while enhancing the reliability of video security and operations.


Number of people in the US that attended a concert or festival in 2022

Source: Association of Event Merchants


Average attendance for an NFL game in 2022

Source: Sports Business Journal


Percentage of Security Directors who say fan behaviour has worsened in the last 10 years

Source: National Centre for Spectator Sports Safety and Security


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