City + Municipality.

Real-time intelligence across congested or remote networks

When the safety of millions of people is in your hands, it’s vital that you stay connected.

Expanding the visibility you have in city centers, transport networks, retail hubs will keep you alert to the daily risks that the public face, with the power to respond faster to danger.

Extend live monitoring to hard-to-reach areas with our range of solutions for the ultra-low bandwidth streaming of live video and analytics over cellular.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Ensure the efficient and safe flow of people, vehicles and goods throughout a city, with a real-time understanding of what is happening in the environment.

Connect with those on the Frontline

See what they say see and connect frontline workers directly with experts in the control room.

Unlock Data in Your City

Improve decision-making with actionable real-time from fixed and mobile camera feeds.

Protect Public Services

Closely monitor vulnerable locations and valuable assets to prevent disruptions to emergency services.

Protect Local Hospitality

Wirelessly connect video security at restaurants, businesses, and events directly to your control room and expand the coverage you need to keep people safe.


World population living in urban environments

Source: UN World Urbanization Prospects 2018


The amount City Government in the US expect to invest over the 20 next years to take advantage of IoT solutions

Source: SmartAmerica Challenge


Of US transit workers fear being assaulted on the job

Source: Amalgamated Transit Union

City + Municipility

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